Sunday, May 28, 2017

BeautyCon NYC

Hi guys,

Last weekend was so much fun. I attended BeautyCon in New York City. This was my second time going to Beauty Con. Let me tell you something this year was better than 2014 when I first attended. I really enjoyed how big the location was and how we were in Brooklyn. I've never been to Brooklyn before, but I'm truly glad it was there. This time was better because Andy's sister Amanda came along with us. Which made this experience spectacular because Amanda loves watching youtube video's as much as I do and she appreciates the beauty community like me.

Recognize these Youtubers??? 

If you're wondering where my outfit is from... it is kind of a funny story... 

So I ordered a really cute outfit set online from Beginning Boutique. For those who don't know, it is a clothing company in Australia that sells a lot of CUTE clothes. I thought I would have my outfit in time for BeautyCon, but Thursday morning they texted me saying my order will be arriving on Monday.... BEAUTYCON IS SATURDAY! lol So I went to my local mall found this dress at Marshals and had bought this coat from Forever 21 a couple of months ago. My shoes are from Payless. I'm actually happy with how my outfit came out. On Monday I finally got my package and the outfit and shoes are so to die expect an outfit post on it in the future!  

In all, it was a great time! I think next year we will definitely go again. 
Thank you for reading! :) 



  1. Love everything about this look! I've never been to BeautyCon, but I would love to one day when I get the chance!

    1. You should! you'll have a great time! :)