Friday, January 22, 2016

Desert Life?

Hello Everyone,

For starters HAPPY NEW YEAR!
It has been months since I've posted anything and I'm sorry for that. My life has changed so much. I moved away from New Jersey and was living in Arizona for  a couple of months. Living in the West coast was completely different then living in East coast.

But, while I was still living in Arizona my friend Tayler and I took a trip to San Diego, CA. On the way there were saw these amazing sand dunes and decided to take a few pics.

My green turtle neck sweater is from Goodwill believe it or not. I think for like $5.00.
I have no shame for shopping at thrift stores. If I see a certain clothing item I will get it, doesn't matter what store it's from! My belt is also from Goodwill.

Sunglasses are Raybans and were $98.00. (I got them on sale for my bday) 

My jeans are form Pacsun and my sneakers are Vans.

Hope you enjoyed! 

xoxo, Kassie